Skills & Services

    Web Design and UI Design

My process begins by identifying the user, the purpose of the site, and what type of site is needed and then brainstorming ideas. Next I create wireframes to work out the details, sign posting, and flow. My work includes: advanced dashboards and corporate websites, as well as landing pages, emails, web ads and more. I work easily with a developers, product managers, project managers, as well as the CEO's and CTO's. I can easily work alone, or in a team, and have led teams. My strengths are in creating beautiful, but functional front-end designs that are easy for the user to navigate and understand.

    Graphic Design

My many years of solid design experience includes an extensive knowledge of type, color theory, design applications, animation, the printing process and preparing files for print and more. My work started in print and has moved effortlessly into web design and UI design. Many of the same design principles apply for both. For five years I have ran my own business creating work for large corporations and small, always aiming to create the best design, which is a combination of problem-solving, beauty and conveying information with clarity. I have a finely trained eye which is the essence of design in all it's forms.

    Marketing & Branding

I have had extensive experience creating brand and then maintaining it from small projects like an identity kit to a large brand of a conference, magazine, or collateral system for a business. Brand can mean using common design elements, colors, fonts and logos in a consistent and accurate way, but it can also mean maintaining the same messaging and style of writing. I've worked closely with marketing managers and have often suggested better directions to market a service or product.

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